Needs too many... Solution just one.

Customized Dashbord as unique as Your Genome

Society Content... Basic Elements

He, She, We
You, Me & They
Relationship is what Matters, Nothing More to Say.

Small inputs... Large returns.

The platter we serve will satisfy both -
Your hunger and apetite.
News, events, updates and stock
Friends for fun and music to rock
Gmail, Twitter, facebook and all
Merged in one ... easy to recall
Google, bing, Yahoo search engines so many
Find them at one place use all or any
All social network for you to emote
Customized widgets to use and promote
Shout out loudly wild and weird
Speak up gently with friends and peers
Plan your life and assign the tasks
May be for days.... weeks or years
The internet mesh is sorted out here
So why are you waiting to press the gear.

iCON of the day

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Coming next?

  • Mail Junction
  • Chat Yard
  • Get-Wid-get
  • Witflocks

Know more about upcoming features please go through our blog.

"I congratulate the technical team of witslog for the innovative work which is going to be a revolutionary step in internet use."

Dr. Prashant Kulshreshtha (Regional Manager,North)
Nova Medical Centers Pvt. Ltd.

"Amazing, Brilliant, Superb, Unique... Keep adding more synonyms from thesaurus. I can't recall them anymore!"

Vikas Bansal
CEO and Founder, Eduvision India P. Ltd.